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Viper - 40' Reach - Carbon Fiber Pole


Viper high quality Water-fed Poles are available in sizes ranging from 23 ft. reach to 70 ft. reach.

Constructed of the highest quality and performing Hybrid, 100 % Full Carbon Fiber and 100 % Hi Mod Carbon Fiber materials. 

All poles are equipped with a dual armed goose-neck and high quality, easy to change locking clamp mechanisms with aluminum levers.  These clamp systems are a great combination of lightness and strength. 

All Viper Water-fed Poles come with:

  • 12-inch dual trim nylon brush with both pencil and fan jets equipped
  • 1/4" high quality, 300 psi water-fed pole hose
  • Female garden hose (FGH) for connection to  purification system or tank

Viper Water-fed Poles are one of the strongest and most rigid poles available.



  • 35 feet actual length
  • 73" closed length
  • 5.7 pounds


*THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER ITEM - Please contact us to place an order.

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