• ALPHA Brush - NYLON - XL Size

ALPHA Brush - NYLON - XL Size

Tucker® Brushes - Known as the worlds best window cleaning brushes since 1957!

The Tucker® Alpha Nylon brush includes our nylon brush with pencil jets internally plumbed for rinse inside the bristles as well as our lightweight plastic rinse bar, and our swivel gooseneck.

This provides the user the option of rinsing inside the bristles or over the top with the rinse bar.

The bristles on the outer edge of the brush are slightly longer than the inner bristles. This allows for splaying out of the outer bristles into the corners of the windows while the inner bristles scrub away.

This brush is extremely lightweight. Approximately 17" wide.

This is an incredible brush as an incredible price and will make for a great upgrade over anything you are currently using.

  • $285.89