• PWP - 4 Stage "Little Beast" Cart *
  • PWP - 4 Stage "Little Beast" Cart *

PWP - 4 Stage "Little Beast" Cart *

The "Little Beast" Water Purification System is a powerful work horse is compact and produces up to .70 gpm on Single RO tap pressure models and up to 2.5 gpm on Dual RO electric pump models.  Pump versions are pre plumbed so you can draw feed water from a pressure source or from a buffer tank.

The "Little Beast" is constructed with a steel powder coated frame and consists of carbon and sediment filters along with a 20" large DI filter and 40" RO membrane.  Options include 12v pump with variable speed control box with remote, 2nd RO for high flow, hose reel kits and wheel kits.

The "Little Beast" units are sold as skid mounts and give you the capability to add 150 ft. and/or 250 ft. hose reels that can be mounted in 5 different locations on the unit.  These hose reels can be directly plumbed within the system and can be configured to incoming or outgoing water supply.  Wheel kits are available to make this unit portable.

With a footprint of only 15" x 15" and 50" tall this unit can be mounted just about anywhere on your vehicle or trailer.  You can even mount it under flat bed trucks.  Can be mounted upright or sideways.

The "Little Beast" units are upgradable later on so that means you can always add a pump, control box, as well as, the 2nd RO filter at any time so you can meet the growing demands of your business without having to purchase another complete system.  This system grows with you.

System Includes

  • 4-Stage Purification
  • Powder Coated Frame
  • 40" Stainless (RO) housing(s) and UHF RF5 Membrane(s)
  • 10" x 2.5" Sediment Housing & Filter
  • 10" x 2.5" Carbon Housing & Filter
  • 20" x 4.5" (DI) Housing & Filter (refillable)
  • Inline Dual TDS Meter (reads raw input and water out)
  • 50 ft. x 3/8" Blue Extension Hose
  • Filter Housing Wrenches (2)
  • QC Hose for easy RO output test
Pump Versions also Include:
  • Long Range Variable Speed Control Box w/Remote
  • 5.3 gpm 12 Volt Booster Pump w/Cooling Fins
  • Size 24 Battery Box w/Exterior Mounted Charging Posts


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