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IPC Eagle

INDOOR - 25' Telescopic Microfiber Pole*

  • $1,155.85

25' Hydro-Clean Telescopic Indoor Window and Solid Surface Cleaning System. Includes 3 Pads

Key Features of the Cleano Include:

  • Built-in sanitation globe that eliminates the need of constantly spraying chemicals, thus reducing labor by 50%
  • Can clean safely from the ground 
  • When coupled with microfiber, can clean chemical-free, reducing and streaks in windows
  • Ergonomic handle with an articulated joint so the operator can reach surfaces that would be otherwise difficult to clean
  • Adjustable 8.5-25 FT working height  
  • Features an easy joint disconnection system that can change the frame of the Cleano, depending on the surfaces being cleaned. 

 Model: CL25